Inside the Orchestra

What's it like to be a SONOVA member?

We all have different experiences, of course. But each week, we prepare on our own, head to rehearsal, and build beautiful music together. Take last week, for example. While Maestro Dokken visited The Metropolitan Chorus' rehearsal, we prepped Orpheus with trumpet player and Associate Conductor Michael Thompson. Is it curious that the famous "can-can" is in a piece about the underworld? We also worked William Tell and the beginning of Romeo et Juliette (the Gounod version - many have written music for star-crossed lovers!).

The second half of rehearsal focused on Carmina Burana with our conductor back from observing the choir rehearsal. We will rehearse together in a couple of weeks, but until then we're working our parts out separately. Visiting their rehearsal helped us know what to expect when Maestro Hemphill conducts us.

This week, we're holding sectionals. That means each section of the orchestra practices just those parts that are most challenging. Trumpets will rehearse in one room, violins in another, and flutes in a third. We'll work out the last major kinks for each section so we can put it all together in preparation for performing for you!